• Boost库里的json文件操作接口非常适合于写业务代码,但该库会把数字写成数字字符串,这是有问题的。再考虑性能及各种语言编码的兼容性,我写了一个cJSON库的c++包装类,接口类似于Boost,名叫CjsonWrapper。
  • Windows的GetPrivateProfileStringA函数要预定义接收值的Buffer大小,这是有缺点的,这会造成我们读取的值可能只读了一半我们却没有办法。我于是重写了ini操作相关的函数库,名叫IniOp,C语言风格,跨平台。







This is a mouse and keyboard record-replayer in Windows. It has a feature of targeting window basing on window's relative location, so its replaying ability upgrades very obviously.

Here is the official site of Euhat Replayer or Euyao Replayer.

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Euhat language is very similar to C language, but she does not need to compile first, she can directly run.

Euhat language can directly call windows api or dll api.

The entrance code file must have a "main" function, and it should include all relative code files through include instruction. so this method allows us run all the code files without writing makefile.

Definition is composed of function definition, structure definition, normal variable definition and func variable definition. The default accessability of definition in a code file is accessable among all code files. If you want definition not shared by other code files, you need to add "static" keyword in front of the definition statement.

An entrance code file and its relative code files construct a program, you can compile a program into a binary file which you can protect your right for un-disassembling, through compilation, you will find a syms file generated, which contains meaningful variable name to non-meaningful variable name projection, you can use it debug you program, and keep it secret not publishing.

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