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  1. [20:13 2021/5/4] Using PSK(pre-shared key) mode to avoid man in the middle attack.


  1. [22:39 2021/4/2] Fix a security bug to avoid man in the middle retrying attack. still problematic.


  1. [8:15 2021/2/18] Prevent user from starting Local File Server while Share Dir is empty or Visit Code is empty.


  1. [16:56 2020/10/31] Fix a bug of overwriting clipboard frequently in Win7.


  1. [20:09 2020/10/12] Fix a bug of corruption of EuhatDamon.exe in Win7.


  1. [14:38 2020/10/5] Support clipboard operation between Android and Windows.


  1. [21:39 2020/9/21] Fix UI bugs.


  1. [21:49 2020/9/13] Shrink down size by cutting off OpenSSL unused files.
  2. Change initial directory in Android for Google Scoped Storage policy.
  3. From this version, make Euhat Expert open source.
  4. I use vc2019 to compile Euhat Expert in Windows platform, so you must install vc2019 redistributable before running this version of Euhat Expert, otherwise Euhat Expert may be corrupted during running.
  5. Previous versions are detected as virus by Windows 10, but when I remove unused libraries of OpenSSL and compile the source, Win10 defender doesn't define Euhat Expert as virus, it's surprising! So please upgrade Euhat Expert to this version.


  1. [13:50 2020/8/16] Fix a bug of failure to start Euhat Expert in Huawei Mate 30 phone, the reason is because we need more permission on new Android SDK.


  1. [17:53 2020/8/1] fix a memory access error when starting up.
  2. fix a bug of failure to open executable by double clicking local file item.


  1. [22:41 2020/7/30] Fix a bug of not responsing in XiaoMi Permissions granting.


  1. [19:21 2020/7/18] Fix a security bug, if somebody copies the program package to another pc or device, your private keys will still be available. Now the policy is when the program is running in another environment, it will delete the old user data carried from the previous location.


  1. [18:27 2020/7/1] Fix a bug of not responsing in folders which contain big zip file.


  1. Add automatic reconnecting function, because if we do not reconnect in some network, we may fail to transfer large files.
  2. By default, Subsequent files and directories are sorted by names when we enter a directory.


  1. Fix a bug of incorrect display of dialog when replacing files.
  2. Mask Visit Code displaying of FileServer setting.


  1. Fix a bug of failure to upload file to Android device.
  2. Add show or hide button of visit code on Android UI.


  1. Fix bugs of not closing EuhatExpert on Windows.


  1. Fix bugs of transfering big file on Android.


  1. Correct ip displaying on Android.


  1. Fix bugs of opening files of multi-language filename.

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