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Remote File Management

In Local -> FileServer dialog,
  1. click Certificate -> Generate button to generate file server certificate.
  2. click the button right to Share Dir edit box, to select directory for share.
    Don't leave it empty, otherwise all the files in your local disk can be deleted by others.
  3. in Visit Code edit box, input the password for clients to access the server.
    Please input a visit code certeinly, or else everyone installs this software and in the same ethernet can delete your shared local files.
  4. finally click the Start button to start the file server.
Click Add button in the left bottom corner, the action will create an <Unnamed> item in the left list and a FileMan page in the right side, you can click Del button in the left bottom corner to delete it.
In FileMan page, click Connect button to open connect dialog,
  1. click Certificate -> Generate button to generate file client certificate.
  2. in Ip Addr edit box, input the ip of the remote file server, here you can input to test the local file server.
  3. in Visit Code edit box, input the access password of the remote file server.
  4. click Go button to connect the file server.
When the file server is connected, you can operate the remote directory.

Clipboard operation between Android and PC

When Android device is connected with Windows through Euhat Expert, you can share clipboard data between them,

Work Trace Visualization

In Local -> WorkTrace page, you can view the work trace of the operating mount of the keyboard and mouse.

Clock In & Clock Out Inform

In the top right corner, click the tool button, this will open the Setting dialog, click Work Trace in the left list, then you can setup the time of your clock in and clock out.


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